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  • CDMA Information

    CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking and Flashing: If you have a CDMA cell phone from Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Qwest, US Cellular, Cricket, or any other CDMA service provider it can be unlocked and flashed to work with any other CDMA service provider, as long as the service provider you would like to use the phone with is willing to activate it on their network. If you are not sure if your cell phone is a CDMA cell phone you can find out by removing the battery....Read more

  • GSM Information

    Expert USA Company With Over 5 Years Experience: Guaranteed cell phone unlocking by a USA company with telephone customer service. Don't unknowingly buy from some website in a third world country. Make sure there is a USA phone number you can call. We have a direct USA telephone support line and a toll free phone number. We provide the most convenient options to perform cell phone unlock. We have cell phone service stores located...Read more

  • Unlocking Information

    Unlocking your cell phones is the best way for you to get the most out of your cell phone. And if you are a skeptic regarding unlocking services on the Internet, then you will be amazed at how one cell phone unlocking company has made a mark in the cellular industry due to its trusted unlock services, full customer support and complete mobile phone unlocking solutions. You don’t have to be a skeptic anymore because a cheap, reliable, efficient and professional service...Read more

  • Repair Information

    We know the frustration of getting off the phone with your phone’s manufacturer with a sinking feeling in your stomach. If your phone is no longer covered by their warranty, the charges can be exorbitant. An extreme example is the Apple iPhone. Did you know that Apple charges $250 to repair the iPhone? However what I find to be even worse is that it can take six to eight weeks before you have your phone back. Perhaps the people at those...Read more

Check out what Yelp Reviewers are saying:

Debbie T.

“You know how they say:  Quick, Cheap, or Good.  Pick two.  With this independent company, you get all 3, quick, cheap and good.  Very happy with the service.

One suggestion, put the name of the store in larger print on the front window. All I noticed when I drove up was the Metro PCS sign.” – Yelp Review

Robert W.

“I have been in business for 40+ years and something can always go wrong with a customer…the mark of a good business is not necessarily preventing it from happening (because it is inevitable) but how you handle the customer service when it does…recently had a repair here and things did not go as planned…but they took excellent care of me at the end and I walked away a happy customer…will I go back or recommend – YES!  RW” Yelp Review

Mrs. Bountasri

“This place what a surprise I was so amazed by the great customer service and the knowledgeable staff knew exactly how to fix my husband’s cracked screen for his Samsung galaxy  we left with a great deal for the cracked screen and phone accessories  the phone felt like it was brand new . They really know how to run this business I definitely recommend them for phone repair, buying a used phone or accessories I give them an A+” – Yelp review

Gerald G.

“My son accidentally drop his Samsung Galaxy S4 at school as what he said and crack the LCD/Screen Digitizer so I check here and read thru the reviews and called store’s and found **Wireless 4 Life** have the LOWEST PRICE out here that can fix my son’s phone…I got to the store saturday and Rey got the phone fix at no time. Store has customer friendly environment, Rey’s Customer Service attitude was EXCELLENT bec. making it possible to have my phone FIXED SAME-DAY & FAST.!!!!!! would recommend this store to everyone.” – Yelp review

About US

Your One Stop Cell Phone Shop. Wireless 4 LIFE is a leading retailer of the Greater Sacramento area for new, refurbished cell phones, wireless cell phone accessories and other consumer electronics since 2005. At our company we strive to provide the highest quality products combined with the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are specialized in servicing, flashing and unlocking most phones. We carry a wide selection of cell phones and wireless cell phone accessories from over 10 cellular phone carriers – including MetroPCS, T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and among others.

We are the leading service company for all of your cell phone repair needs. Our goal is to stock the thousands of parts necessary to revive your failing Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Apple, HTC, LG, and many more. Wireless 4 LIFE have trained technicians so you can rest assure that your device is being handled by a professional. With parts in stock and a purchasing department constantly looking for new deals and large quantity purchases, we are committed to providing our customers top quality service repair solutions at stunning prices.

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