CDMA Information

Unlock - Flash - ALL PhonesCDMA Cell Phone Unlocking and Flashing: If you have a CDMA cell phone from Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Qwest, US Cellular, Cricket, or any other CDMA service provider it can be unlocked and flashed to work with any other CDMA service provider, as long as the service provider you would like to use the phone with is willing to activate it on their network. If you are not sure if your cell phone is a CDMA cell phone you can find out by removing the battery and looking for a sim card. If the phone does not have a sim card then it is most likely a CDMA cell phone. If it does have a sim card then it can only be unlocked to work with a compatible sim card. The most common cdma flashing service is Cricket flash since Cricket will accept any CDMA cell phone without any questions. Our CDMA unlock and flash stores can unlock Sprint cell phones and flash them to Cricket or any other CDMA service provider that will activate another service providers CDMA phone.



CDMA Cell Phone Unlocking and Flashing Stores: We have local cell phone service stores in Greater Sacramento area. You can drop by any of them and get your service done. All our local cell phone stores buy and sell used cell phones and offer special discounts for our website visitors on new activations and other products.=


Switch Your Service Provider & Keep Your Phone: We can unlock, flash, and reprogram most CDMA cell phones including Sprint, Verizon, Alltel, Qwest, USA 1 Rate, US Cellular, Metro PCS & Cricket! This will allow you to switch service providers and use the same phone! Your phone book, ring tones, and other settings in the phone will stay the same. The only difference will be that it will work with your new carrier! Now you can keep your phone number and your cell phone! Most CDMA cell phones can be unlocked and flashed at any of our local stores. Cell phone flashing will enable your phone to connect to the wireless CDMA network of your choice and as long as the service provider is willing to activate the esn it will work on their network. Flashing cell phone for any CDMA network requires connection to your computer in order to rewrite the PRL file to enable it to connect to your specified CDMA service provider. Some phones must also have the SPC (Service Provider Code) changed to 000000 or unlocked before the PRL file can be programmed to the phone. Our local service store will unlock the SPC on your phone and do the cell phone flashing so that you can use the same mobile phone you already have with your new service provider. Some phones can also be fully flashed to make them work with internet and other firmware controlled features. To find out if there is a full cell phone flash for your phone please contact one of our location. Most cellular phones can only be unlocked and flashed to work for phone calls and text messaging.


About CDMA Unlocking & Reprogramming: Unlike GSM cell phones, unlocking the phone is not enough to make a CDMA cell phone work because instead of using a sim card, the data used to connect to a network is stored internally. Some CDMA cell phone providers put a lock on their phone to block it from being programmed. This is referred to as a SPC. (Service Provider Code) The first step to reprogramming a phone is determining if it has a 6 digit SPC lock code set on it or not. If it does have an SPC lock then it must be read and changed to 000000 before it can be reprogrammed. After a CDMA phone is unlocked, or if it doesn’t have an SPC lock it can be reprogrammed by writing a new PRL file. (Preferred Roaming List) Once the PRL file is written to the phone it will connect to the new service providers customer service line when attempting a call. The last step is to have the phone activated and programmed with the phone number. This is known as NAM programming. In some cases the phone NAM will be programmed automatically when the ESN is activated by the service provider or by dialing *228. In other cases, the NAM has to be programmed manually by entering a special code to get to the section of the settings menu where the phone number and other required information can be entered. (##000000## – Samsung A900) You may need to ask your new service provider for the MIN number if the phone does not accept automatic over the air programming by dialing *228.


Notice About CDMA Unlocking & Flashing Service: Phone book contacts, scheduler, and other user presets will not be erased. Your current service provider firmware will remain. Calls & text messaging only will be enabled by reprogram, unless otherwise specified. Internet, picture messaging, and other firmware controlled features will not work unless otherwise stated. Please check with the service provider to make sure they will activate your cell phones esn prior to purchase. Wireless 4 LIFE are not responsible in any way for a service provider not activating your phone and you will not receive a refund for this reason. By purchasing any CDMA flash service from our local cell phone service store you agree to these terms and conditions. This service is to unlock and flash 1 cdma cell phone.


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