Get Cash for your Phone

Every year a record amount of consumer electronics are sold. What happens to last year’s model? In most cases, it ends up sitting in a drawer. In the worst case scenario, it ends up in a landfill. Why not turn it into CA$H instantly.

Fast, Easy and Quick.

Wireless 4 LIFE takes environmental responsibilities very seriously. We believe in a sustainable environment and that is why reuse is always our first port of call in the recycling process.

95% of our mobile phones are reused. In most cases they’re refurbished and sold to consumers at a discount. We actively believe in giving back to the local community.

If a phone is beyond economic repair then we send the phone off to a recycling plant in the US where it’s broken down and valuable metals and components are extracted. We strongly oppose electronic waste and as a designated waste handler we take our responsibilities very seriously.

Cell phones are the latest in a long line of technologies that require special disposal procedures and, as usual, the proper measures are rarely taken. When phones are tossed like regular waste they end up in your local landfill, where they stay. These used cell phones contain persistent metals that won’t ever break down and bio-accumulative metals that become toxic over time. Cadmium, lead, nickel, mercury, and lithium are all found in cell phones. As these used cell phones begin decomposing, they emit high levels of methane gas, a leading contributor to climate change.