Cell Phone Repair Service

We know the frustration of getting off the phone with your phone’s manufacturer with a sinking feeling in your stomach. If your phone is no longer covered by their warranty, the charges can be exorbitant. An extreme example is the Apple iPhone. Did you know that Apple charges $250 to repair the iPhone? However what I find to be even worse is that it can take six to eight weeks before you have your phone back. Perhaps the people at those companies don’t use cell phones themselves, but I know I cannot be without my phone for that long.

Top Five Myths About Cell Phone Repair

1. Myth: Cell Phone repair takes weeks.
Truth: At Wireless 4 LIFE, repairs are completed in as little as one hour.


2. Myth: Cell phone repair is inconvenient.
Truth: With Wireless 4 LIFE convenient cell phone repair service, it only takes a few minutes out of your day to drop your phone and receive a loner phone to use while we take care of the rest.


3. Myth: Cell phone repair is too expensive.
Truth: Depending on the model of the phone and the type of cell phone repair you need, the price at Wireless 4 LIFE can be as low as $35.


4. Myth: People who have cell phone insurance should not bother getting their phone repaired.
Truth: For many plans, a deductible applies that may be higher than the cost of the cell phone repair service! If your phone is not working, as it should, it pays to explore your options. Cell phone repair may be less expensive than filing a claim. No hassle of shipping your phone or losing your data.


5. Myth: Cell phone repair is not worth it if I can get a new phone from my cell phone service provider for free.
Truth: Sure, they won’t charge you up front. But if you read the fine print, you will find out that your service contract is often extended if you accept a free phone – sometimes by as much as two years. If you decide to switch carriers during that time or stop using a cell phone, you will have to pay a steep termination fee.