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Unlock - Flash - ALL PhonesExpert USA Company With Over 5 Years Experience: Guaranteed cell phone unlocking by a USA company with telephone customer service. Don’t unknowingly buy from some website in a third world country. Make sure there is a USA phone number you can call. We have a direct USA telephone support line and a toll free phone number. We provide the most convenient options to perform a cell phone unlock. We have cell phone service stores located in greater Sacramento. Unlock codes that can be entered into the cell phones keypad from home. Instant cell phone unlocking software. We guarantee that our cell phone unlocking services will unlock your cell phone. With your unlocked cell phone you will be able to use any compatible GSM sim card. Our polite customer service representatives will let you know what the other options are to unlock your phone if any of our methods fail. If we are unable to unlock your phone in another method satisfactory to you we guarantee an immediate 100% full refund. Be sure to check our directory of local cell phone service stores that unlock, flash, repair, buy, and sell used cellular phones.



Unlocking Cell Phone Will Remove These Cell Phone Errors:

Enter Subsidy CodeContact Service Provider 

Insert Correct Sim Card

Wrong Sim Card

Incorrect Sim Card

Phone RestrictedCarrier Not Supported 

Phone Locked Return For Service

Invalid Sim Card

Enter Special Code


GSM Cell Phone Unlock Options: We provide easy and convenient options for unlocking GSM cell phones. You can order an unlock code that you can just enter to the keypad to unlock cell phone, or you can bring it to one of our cell phone service store locations. We also offer instant unlocking software for many phones to unlock phone instantly. Our IMEI Unlock codes for GSM cell phones including AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, and many more, are delivered within 24 hours of drop off. Many of our services are instant! Our BlackBerry unlock codes are come within few minutes. We provide the fastest IMEI unlock code delivery because we get our codes from a direct source with an integrated database that is updated automatically when the code is returned.


CDMA Unlocking / Flashing Options: If you have a CDMA cell phone such as Cricket, Metro PCS, Alltel, Verizon, Sprint, Bell, and many more, you can take it to a Member store location to have your cell phone unlocked and flashed on-site.


How To Unlock Cell Phone: If you are wondering how to unlock cell phones you have come to the right place. We unblock cell phones each day all over The United States more than any other company. You can rely on our professional technicians and national cell phone stores to give you the fastest and most effective cell phone unblocking service. We specialize in Cell Phone Unblocking, repairing, and reprogramming GSM and CDMA cell phones!


What Is Cell Phone Unlocking? Our cell phone unblocking service will unblock the restriction set on your phone by the service provider who sold you the phone. After we unlock your cell phone you will be able to use it with a different service provider! Your phone book, ring tones, and all other settings will remain the same. We can also reset forgotten user codes and debrand most phones to remove service provider logos at our local cell phone stores.


Benefits Of Wireless Phone Unlocking: Unblocking cell phone allows a consumer to keep their current phone while changing service providers. Cell phone service providers put a lock on cell phones that only allow them to work with a sim card for their network. All GSM mobile phones are made to work with any GSM sim card in the world but the service provider lock blocks all but their own. There are thousands of cell phone owners who travel out of the country and need to use their phone, including those serving in The Military. They cannot use their phone overseas unless it is unlocked. In order to use a phone with a different service provider it must be unlocked. Unlocked cell phones have a higher value than locked cell phones because they can be used with any network, as opposed to the limitations of one.


100% Money Back Guarantee – Our cell phone unlocking service will unlock your phone safely and effectively or we will refund your payment in full. You can reach us any time during business hours by calling 1-888-W4LIFE1 anywhere in The United States. Or call our local number: 916-443-1839. Unlike almost all of our competitors we can be reached by telephone. We also respond to emails usually within 24 hours.


Unlocked Cell Phone For Local Use: When your cellular phone is unlocked you can use it with any GSM Sim card in the world, including AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile, Suncom, T-mobile To Go, Cingular Go Phone, Oxygen GSM, Locus GSM, Call Plus GSM, Other Prepaid Sim Card Services, & International GSM Sim Card Services! Your phone will be turned into a World Phone that can be used Globally!


Prepaid Sim Card: Unlocked cell phones also allow you to use prepaid services, including AirVoice, AirVoice Express, Alltel, Boost, CallPlus, Call Plus GSM, Cingular Go Phone, Liberty, Locus Mobile, Locus GSM, Locus Platinum, Oxygen, O2 GSM, Omni, Pop, Page Plus, T-mobile To Go, TracFone, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, & Viva.


Flash Cell Phone: If you need a prepaid phone we can turn your existing phone into a prepaid phone. We also offer activation of Verizon & other CDMA cell phones on a very reasonable prepaid plan with refill minutes available. If you have an old Sprint, Verizon or other CDMA phone you can have it activated on the Cricket network once we reprogram and unlock the PRL& SPC code for you! Unlock CDMA cell phone for other CDMA service provider. Flash CDMA cell phone for other CDMA service provider. CDMA flashing software, CDMA unlocking software, Remote CDMA flashing with USB cable at home! CDMA unlock / CDMA flash at local store!


GSM Unlocking Equipment – Our Professional Cell Phone Unlocking & Cell Phone Repair Equipment will unlock your phone on-site in only a few minutes at any of our cell phone service centers. Just drop by any of our local stores to get it done.


Subsidy Unlock Code From IMEI Database Search – Easily unlock your phone by simply entering a code without having to purchase a cable or use any complicated software. Unlike other companies advertising online to unlock your phone with a code, our cell phone unlock codes actually work. If we cannot get you the correct unlock code you will get a full refund or have the option to use software. We can get the correct unlock code for over 90% of the current cell phones on the market.


Our Mobile Phone Unlock Service Will:

Remove Sim Card Lock – This enables your phone to be used with any GSM sim card, including Cingular, T-mobile, Voice Stream, AT&T, Cincinnati Bell, Suncom, International Service Providers, and many Prepaid Service Providers. You will be able to place and receive calls when any activated GSM sim card is inserted in your phone. You will also be able to send and receive text messages. We also offer firmware upgrades, flashing, and debranding for many models. Please visit one of our local stores to get your service done.


Reset User Password – This resets the user password to default of 1234 or 12345 on most cell phones. This is done automatically on most phones each time we unlock a phone at one of our cell phone stores. If you forgot your password just let us know and we will reset it for you. This service is done at one of our local service center.


About Our Cell Phone Unlocking Service – Have you ever wondered how to unlock a cell phone so it could be used with any GSM Sim card? Wireless 4 LIFE can do that for you with our Cell Phone Unlocking Service! Your phone becomes a world phone and can be used anywhere – even members of the military can use it in Afghanistan and Iraq to stay in touch with families and friends. When you have your phone unlocked, you no longer have to worry about annoying errors such as “wrong sim card” “Invalid Sim Card” “Enter Subsidy Code” “Contact Service Provider” or “Carrier Not Supported ” Unblock your phone so you can use any GSM sim card, including ATT, Cingular, T-mobile, and any other GSM Network in the world! Using our professional cell phone unlocking equipment, we can successfully unlock your phone – undamaged – within 5 minutes at any of our local cell phone service centers. You can count on the Cell Phone Unlocking Service to work – quickly and effectively. Using Cell Phone Unlocking Service, we can unlock almost any type of phone including Motorola, Samung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Blackberry, lg, HTC, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and many more! . We can unlock your cell phone with an IMEI unlock code. What happens when we do an unlock? We remove the service provider sim card lock and enable your phone to be used with any GSM sim card. We can also reset the user password to the default at most of our cell phone service stores. We are so sure we can unlock your phone, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if our cell phone unlock service does not unlock it.


Is Cell Phone Unlocking Legal? In response to many questions we have had about the legality of cell phone unlocking we would like to offer our official opinion on the matter. Cell phone unlocking is not only 100% legal, it also offers consumers the right they legally have to free trade and choices. Infact it is much more likely that the service providers are actually in violation of consumer protection laws than consumers who wish to unlock their phone. The only argument used against cell phone unlocking is a very vague section of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. (DMCA) We believe that this particular section of The DMCA was in no way intended for cell phone unlocking or reprogramming. The law was written for the protection of copywrited works such as music, movies, and other digital media. The law was not written for the purpose of allowing a service provider to block access to a consumers choices and opportunity to legally pay for a service and use their own phone with another network. Some service providers may argue that the phone was sold below their cost in order to recoup the cost of the phone with the customers future monthly payments, giving them the right to “protect” the phones access to only their network. However, this protection is already covered by contracts with early termination fees that in most cases are much higher than the full retail value of the phone…. so once the customer agrees to the contract they legally own the phone even if they don’t finish their contract. The only legal right the service provider actually has is the right to enforce the contract that the consumer agreed to. Nowhere in the contract does it say (that we have seen) that the service provider maintains ownership of the phone until the terms of contract have been fulfilled.


Cell Phone Unlocking Is Now Officially Legal! Today, the Copyright Office issued new rules allowing people to circumvent technological protection measures on their cellphones in order to be able to switch carriers and use the phone on a different network.

Our Cell Phone Unlocking Service is the fastest and most reliable in The United States. Our Cell Phone Unlock Codes will unlock your phone or we will refund your money in full! An Unlock Code For Cell Phone is the code that will unblock the sim card block that the service providers put on the phone so that it won’t work with another network or service provider. We remove the sim lock on the phone so that you can use it with any GSM network worldwide. Our Unlock Cell Phone service is the best online and we can prove it by matching anyone else price with the fastest service and real unlock codes that actually work or your money back.